Sendero Resources was established by a qualified interdisciplinary team of professionals with the aim to provide integral solutions in geospatial field for aerial surveying, processing of high resolution imagery (aerial and satellite imagery), geographic information systems (GIS), environmental consultancy and environmental research for a large group of institutions, companies and individuals.


Our professional’s backgrounds include Ecologists, Environmental Scientists, Environmental Advisors, Engineers, anthropologists and licensed pilots. We are a highly trained and qualified team with Masters Degrees in GIS and Remote sensing, Sustainability and Climate Policy, Environmental health and safety and climate change adaptation.


The following are the benefits of the services, products and solutions that we are able to efficiently offer to our clients:


  • You save time and money as all our services and products are customized to satisfy your particular needs on time.

  • Customer, technical support and ongoing advice guaranteed anywhere you want it.

  • We minimize your workload without compromising quality service by ensuring a skilled and professional team available for you.

  • You obtain integral solutions for your important decision-making processes.

  • You gain a product with excellent features and environmentally friendly to minimize ecological footprint.

  • Deep expertise in all offering services

  • New proposals in topics such as environmental research, climate change and agro-ecology

  • Image capture and image processing latest software

  • Versatile technology – Cameras are attached to different aircrafts including light planes, helicopters and drones.


“We're a new growing consultancy. We look forward to meeting you and your team and helping you define your goals, develop solutions - and realize them!