Sendero Resources has been working with different institutions, companies and no-profit organizations both in the public and private sector in Australia and overseas. Some of the projects that we have been involved are: 
Remote sensing of Active Surveillance of the Fire Ant Project - Biosecurity Queensland - Australia
  • Management of the GIS and Remote sensing team for the BSQ Fire Ant Project, which included camera operators and image processors. Ensuring data analysis, cartographic production and quality control of airborne imagery fulfilled all client´s requirements and standards.

  • Offer technical support and ensuring that airborne camera systems were available for image capture 7 days per week during the remote sensing season.

  • Liaising with government managers on a daily basis and attend fortnightly manager´s meetings for Biosecurity Queensland with the aim to report image capture and image processing status.

  • Offer training to camera operators on the management of airborne multispectral and thermal camera systems. Offer training on image processing including navigation processing (combination of GPS, IMU data, CORS and GNSS data), image processing using Geovantage, ESRI ArcGIS and QGIS softwares of multispectral (RGB and NIR) and thermal imagery and quality control.

  • Presenting reports of the status of the project and GIS and remote sensing operations including image capture, image processing and quality control according seasonal schedule.

Outline Global - Perth - Australia
  • Acquisition and operation of airborne multispectral and thermal camera systems.

  • Image processing including navigation processing, geometric, radiometric and atmospheric corrections of multispectral (RGB and NIR) and thermal imagery. 

  • Generate products of 3D mapping for mining and environment projects.

  • Creation of DEM´s, TIN´s, contour lines and cartographic products according the client´s specifications.

  • Acquisition of GCP (ground control points) to orto- rectificate aerial photography.

  • Ongoing training to new staff, creation of manuals and standard procedures and generation of reports.
Department of Natural Resources and Mines. Assessment and advice resource and land dealings ATSI Land services, Land and Indigenous Services - Australia


  • Perform historical maps for land tenure in Queensland state

  • Remake cadastral maps of land tenure in Queensland from late 1800

  • Provide maps in digital or printed according to the formats established by DERM

  • Georeference aerial photography

  • Draw QN time conclusion maps of claims process

  • Update database of land tenure in relation with applications, determinations and indigenous land use agreements

  • Research Land tenure in Queensland state
International Union for Nature Conservation - Cambodia
  • Provision of technical advisory and consultancy services to build coastal resilience to climate

change in Kampot Province.


  • Development of vulnerability assessment to support climate change adaptation.


  • Elaboration of community-based adaptation tool and systems thinking approach to improve climate change adaptation policy-making.

School of Geography, planning and Environmental management, University of Queensland

  • Responsibility in investigating socio-ecological resilience to climate change impacts in the

    Mekong Delta, Vietnam. Conducting literature reviews and scientific report writing on climate

    change adaptation case studies in Australia and internationally


    Responsibility in finding and administrating interdisciplinary information on resilience literature

    to support AusAid initiative in the Mekong Delta.

CSIRO - Adelaide
  • Responsible for the management of an externally funded research project, including the entire laboratory procedures and data analysis.

  • Management of Data base and spread sheets.

  • Writing financial budget applications for site equipment.

  • Training new employees in laboratory methods and analysis.

  • Team Health and Safety Representative Officer,  role includes organising safety walks; detecting hazards in the laboratory and office environment; disposing of chemicals following appropriate procedures and organizing group HSE meetings.




SA Murray-Darling Basin NRM Board 

  • Vegetation monitoring, including identification of plants and sampling unrecognised specimens in the field.


  • Fishing monitoring – identifying and measuring fish species.


  • Bird surveys at different wetlands.