Sendero Resources offer a large range of products and services in the geospatial field. We can offer you GIS baseline services, spatial analysis and 3d mapping for your projects, institutions or clients. In relation to remote sensing we can offer you advanced technology for image processing, extraction of data, image classification and data analysis. We are able to provide you with additional products such as the creation of surfaces, programming and custom application to simplify your processing task. 

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Baseline GIS services, Spatial analysis and 3D Mapping



  • Data Management

  • Query analysis

  • Overlay analysis

  • Flood Risk Assessment

  • Suitability analysis

  • Network analysis

  • Geoprocessing

  • Raster data analysis and map algebra

  • Spatial accessibility analysis

  • Geographic distribution and statistics analysis

  • Spatial Patterns Global and local statistics

  • Spatial decision analysis - risk analysis

  • Analysis of geographic relationships

  • Model builder

  • Change detection analysis

  • 3D mapping

Remote Sensing - Satellite imagery and Aerial Photography



  • Pre-processing, including Geometric, Radiometric and atmospheric corrections

  • Image enhancement: spectral, spatial, image algebra

  • Image Classification process including object and pixel based mapping

  • Post classification and error assessment

  • Land use Land cover mapping

  • Ground Control points

  • Multi-temporal analysis

  • Georeferencing

  • Index analysis NDVI

  • Marine and land analysis


Creation of Surfaces


  • Modeling Surfaces

  • Terrain Analysis

  • Digital Terrain Model (DTM)

  • Triangulated Irregular Network (TIN)

  • Digital Elevation Model (DEM)

Programming and Custom Applications



  • Geodatabase design

  • Raster processing

  • Geoprocessing scripting

  • ER Mapper

  • Web Mapping

  • Modeling with UML