Sendero Resources is offering services that generate a positive impact on the conservation of the environment in accordance with the culture and values of the people who live and depend of this land. We are trained to give our clients professional advice in several topics of environmental consultancy and research for any project, idea or dream.

Environmental Assessment and Advice
  • Aspects and Impacts assessment.

  • Auditing and Reporting – Compliance.

  • Site Environmental Management – ISO 14001.

  • Waste and Water Management.

  • Noise and Vibration Management.

  • Cultural Heritage.

Climate change

Impacts of Climate change in:


  • Biodiversity

  • Coastal and Marine systems

  • Terrestrial systems

  • Land cover and Land use

  • Human health


Mitigation and adaptation: Designing resilient solutions to climate change impacts.

Climate risk assessment.

International and Australian policy response.

Climate change Modelling.  

Landscape Ecology
  • Land transformation 

  • Habitat fragmentation

  • Land change patterns

  • Landscape metrics and models

  • Disturbance dynamics

  • Sustainable environments

  • Adaptability and Stability

  • Conservation programs

  • Surveys for Flora and Fauna

  • Environmental impact assessment

  • Ecological risk assessment

  • Biodiversity survey

  • Monitoring of Fauna and Flora

  • Endangered species

  • Sustainability practices

  • Agro-ecology & Permaculture

  • Food Security

  • Urban Planning