Sendero Resources offers the state of the art in aerial surveying of multispectral RGB and NIR digital imagery. We are greatly qualified in processing of aerial and satellite imagery, extraction and data analysis. Additional products such as the creation of surfaces, mosaics and index analysis can also be provided to satisfy our customer's needs and expectations.

Image Capture of RGB, NIR - Aerial Surveying
  • Helicopter and aircraft surveying

  • Multispectral Camera

  • RGB, NIR Imagery

  • Thermal Imagery

  • GNSS - IMU - GPS Navigation System

  • Variety of Spatial resolution

  • Ground Control Points

  • Satellite Image Acquisition

  • Drones - UAV

Aerial and Satellite Imagery Processing
  • Post - processing 

  • Geometric and Radiometric corrections

  • Georeference -Ortorectification Process

  • Mosaicing

  • Stereo-Imagery

  • Pixel based analysis

  • Object Based analysis